Front End Developer

Santa Fe College, United States

Experience Fresh

Deadline July 8,2018

$5000 - $6000

Qualifications Certificate

Wordpress Developer

Job Description

A job description or JD is a document that describes the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a position. It may specify the functionary to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, and a salary range. Duty is a moral commitment to something or someone.

Duty is a moral commitment to something or someone, whereas responsibility is a condition of being responsible. According Cicero, duties come from four sources. Duty is a result of human beings, one's particular place, one's character and one's own moral expectations.

Key Requirements

It's vital that you understand these skills, and how you can show that you've developed them, in order to write a successful job application. Make sure you highlight these eight skills on your resume to stand out from the competition

  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Time Management & Self-motivation
  • Conflict Resolution & Leadership
  • Initiative and problem-solving abilities

Required skills

  • Photoshop
  • Wordpress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascipt
  • Php

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